WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard Review

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Considering the extremely affordable priced, I am very surprised at what the WOOKRAYS electric skateboard has to offer.

To start with the general, the WOOKRAYS is a mini cruiser electric skateboard. What does that mean exactly? Well, any skateboard that is under around 30 inches (70 cm) long is consider a mini skateboard. This one is about 25.4 inches (64.5 cm). A cruiser skateboard is one that is designed for (yep, you guessed it) cruising long distances on flat city streets. And “electric” of course means that it is powered by a motor under the deck.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s discuss the other specs in more detail. As far as mini electric skateboards, this one isn’t the tiniest that they come. It’s still big enough for the average pre-teen or teenager, and that is clearly the target rider of this skateboard.

As is common with many cruisers, the WOOKRAY’s deck has a pronounced tail at the back and is concave rather than totally flat. This design helps for maintaining balance while you cruise.

Underneath, a 350W motor provides enough power to handle riders up to 176 lbs (80 kg), and users report that it still works well in the upper ranges of that limit. Three speed modes are available, reaching a maximum of 6 MPH (10 km/hr) on low, 9 MPH (15 km/hr) on medium, and 12.4 MPH (20 km/hr) on high. The low speed is very useful for beginners, and most youths find the high speed to be more than enough. The handheld remote is easy to hold for both right-handers and left-handers.

In terms of look, there are two graffiti-style deck designs to choose from. Both look very cool and are unisex. Under the deck, there are no surprises; you’ll see simple maple wood, the deck’s main material. Overall, the board has a pretty basic build and appearance, with no incredible features to write home about.

Charging the WOOKRAYS takes up to two hours, which is fairly standard, but you’ll only get 5 miles (8 km) on a full charge, which is quite short. This poor battery life is probably the skateboard’s biggest flaw. As a small word of warning, reviews for WOOKRAYS on Amazon seems to be either full of love or complete disappointment. Those who love the board give it nothing but praise (always a little suspicious when you’re looking at reviews), while the bad reviews say it arrived totally damaged and they had a lot of trouble communicating with the seller and sending it back to the manufacturer in China.  

This seems to be a small risk you’ll have to make for getting what otherwise seems like a surprisingly passable electric skateboard for teens at a practically unbeatable price.

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard Features

Here is a full list of the WOOKRAYS specs. For each of them, I’ve added a comment or two to help you understand what they mean.

  • Maximum speed: 6 MPH (10 km/hr), 9 (15 km/hr), and 12.4 MPH (20 km/hr) on low, medium, and high speed mode. Low is great for learning and fast is enough for most youths.
  • 25.4” long and 6.8” wide. Mini size.
  • Skateboard weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg). Very light.
  • Weight limit: 176 lbs (80 kg). Enough for most pre-teens and teens.
  • 350W motor: Powerful for a super low budget board, but doesn’t compare to high performance boards.
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours. Reasonable.
  • Range: 5 miles (8 km). Very short battery life.
  • 7-ply maple deck. Standard material for many skateboards.
  • Ergonomic remote control. Easy to hold.


  • Suitable for pre-teens and teens
  • Mini cruiser style
  • Cool graffiti look
  • Unisex
  • Three speed modes for learning
  • Easy to balance with concave deck and tail
  • Super low price


  • Short range/battery life
  • Some reviewers report product arrived broken and was difficult to return
  • Not suitable for young kids or heavier adults

Alternative Choices

If you’re not convinced the WOOKRAYS is the perfect electric skateboard for you or your kid, here are some other ones that share some similarities with it. 

Comparison Chart

41+4ASwdupL. SL500
Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote, E-Skateboard Max Speed 12.4 mph, Range 6-9 Miles, 350W Motor Eskateboard for Adults Teens (Upgraded Version)
41EVc+InWyL. SL500
Blitzart Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8″ Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)
41V UIQv3jL. SL500
SKATEBOLT Brisk 24Inch Electric Skateboard for Kids and Teens, Top Speed 11 MPH, Max Range 7 Miles, A.I Gravity Sensor Control, Self Balancing Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard(Dark Blue)
41UMipTD9QL. SL500
Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens with Kick-Assist, A.I. Smart Sensors, Move-More/Endless Mode, 9” Deck, Black, 72mm Wheels

Hiboy S11: One step up

41+4ASwdupL. SL500

The Hiboy S11 shares many similar specs with the WOOKRAYS. It has the same size motor (350W), similar weight, and similar maximum speed. It’s a little pricier than the WOOKRAYS (at the time I write this), but has an overall better quality and comes to us from a more familiar brand that is known for making many excellent skateboards. Last, it is about 5 inches longer, so it will appeal to pre-teens and teenagers who want an electric skateboard similar in size to a regular skateboard as opposed to a mini skateboard. Here’s my full Hiboy S11 review.

Skatebolt Mini: An even smaller mini board

41EVc+InWyL. SL500

Do you have a younger kid and want an even smaller mini electric skateboard? Then do consider the Skatebolt Mini. This super mini electric skateboard is only 20 inches long and has a maximum weight of 110 pounds, so it’s more suitable for very young kids.

SKATEBOLT Brisk : Top quality at a price

41V UIQv3jL. SL500

Are you up for considering a more expensive but superior quality option? Then the SKATEBOLT Brisk  is worth having a look at. the SKATEBOLT Brisk  can reach 11 MPH. It can also go up hills and has a much longer range of up to 7 miles. Just be aware that it’s heavier and is at the upper end of what we consider a mini skateboard.

Swagtron Swagskate: As cheap as they come

41UMipTD9QL. SL500

If on the other hand you are looking for a rock-bottom deal, the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 is a mega-cheap electric skateboard designed for young kids. It hardly qualifies as an electric skateboard because it doesn’t come with a remote control. Instead, it automatically propels forward when a kid gets on, and stops when the kid tries to get off. Not ideal by any means, but it’s extremely cheap. Here’s my Swagtron Swagskate review.

Electric Skateboarding FAQ

While you’re considering the WOOKRAYS and other budget electric skateboards, here are some other questions that may pop up. 

Are electric skateboards OK for kids?

In terms of safety, electric skateboards aren’t any more or less safe than traditional ones. Your kid has the same chance of falling and getting hurt. Sure, your kid will have to get used to control the electric skateboard with a remote. On the other hand, electric skateboard riders don’t try to do so many tricks. So in the end, the choice up to you, the parent! If you decide to consider it, here are my top recommended electric skateboards for kids

What safety gear is essential? 

Riding a skateboard comes with a degree of risk. Falls do happen, knees get bruised, and if you’re not careful, worse. To minimize injuries, always ride with full protective gear. This should always include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads like these ones.

Are electric skateboards illegal? 

In many states of the US and other countries, laws haven’t been updated yet to account for all these new forms of electric person transportation, like hoverboards, e-scooters, e-skateboards, and so on. This means they often sit in a legal gray area. In some states, they are legal, but with some very specific restrictions. Find out more about it here.

Final Verdict

The WOOKRAYS electric skateboard has all-around passable specs for a very low price point. Combined with its cool look, it is a suitable entry-level electric skateboard for pre-teens or young teenagers. But don’t expect a super high performance electric skateboard; those will cost quite a bit more. 

Do take the time to read through all the WOOKRAYS reviews on Amazon before you make your final decision; people seem to either love this skateboard, or receive it in pieces and have trouble getting any support. It’s a risk you’ll have to take for the super low price.

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