How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh and what is its weight limit?

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Hoverboards are one of the hottest new personal transportation devices of the last decade. Whether you’re currently thinking about buying a hoverboard, checking out my list of the best hoverboards on the market, or just wondering what these things are all about, the question, “How much do hoverboards weigh?” has obviously popped into your mind.

Honestly, it’s a good question to ask, because hoverboards are quite a bit heavier than their predecessor, the skateboard. What’s more, you’re going to have to ask how much YOU weigh. That’s because there’s also a maximum weight for each hoverboard. So what is the weight limit for a hoverboard? I’ll answer these questions in detail below!

How heavy is a hoverboard?

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OK, so here are the hoverboard weight numbers you came here for, right? To give you a simple answer, the average hoverboard weighs 25 pounds (11 kilograms).

But most hoverboards will range from around 20 to 30 pounds. (9 to 13.5 kg). The lightest children’s hoverboards are around 17.5 pounds (8 kg), while the heaviest I’ve seen is 35 pounds (16 kg).

Why are some hoverboards heavier?

Some of the factors that affect weight include additional features like lights & bluetooth speakers. But most importantly, the size of the wheels (which are typically 6.5, 8 or 10-inch, will have the largest impact. Larger wheels require a larger motor, which requires a larger battery.

Generally, you’ll want to go heavier if you yourself are heavier and/or you want to be able to ride on rougher surfaces or go offroading, but of course the heavier the hoverboard, the higher the price. Some of the heaviest hoverboards out there can be found on my life of the best all terrain hoverboards.

How much do children’s hoverboards weigh?

At the smallest end of the spectrum, the lightest hoverboards are usually around 17.5 pounds (7.9 kilograms), and these are usually hoverboards made for children. Right away you’ll notice that this isn’t a whole lot lighter than what an average hoverboard weighs.

Thus it’s an important factor to think about if you’re considering getting a hoverboard for your kid. Will he or she be able to carry that much weight if necessary?

What is the heaviest hoverboard?

The heaviest hoverboards out there are upwards of 35 pounds (16 kg). Why would you want to go that heavy? Well, perhaps you’re heavier set, and you need a board that can handle you.

Heavier hoverboards also tend to have better off-roading capabilities. However, as the weight goes up, so does the need for a more powerful battery, and this generally means the price is going to shoot up as well.

Why is weight important?

For starters, hoverboards run on a battery, and sometimes, that battery may run out before you make it back home. The weight of the hoverboard may affect how far you’re able to comfortably carry it, whether in your hands or in a specially designed hoverboard backpack.

Second, weight is going to impact your riding experience. A heavy car traveling at high speed has more momentum than a small vehicle, right? If that big object suddenly has to stop, it will take longer, and the brakes will work much harder than a smaller unit’s in the same circumstances.

Lastly, larger and heavier boards are generally more suitable for larger riders, and the reverse is true for smaller riders. This is because larger, heavier boards will require more shifting of weight from the rider to get it to go in a certain direction.

If you want to go faster and don’t care about off-roading, opt for a lighter board, so long as you fall within the hoverboard’s weight limit (see more on that below!)

Can I carry my hoverboard?

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Good question, and this is one you should ask before buying a hoverboard, because you may need to carry it sometimes. For a good point of reference, a 25-pound (average sized) hoverboard weighs around the same as a two-year-old toddler, or three large plastic jugs of milk. The lightest hoverboards will be closer to (but slightly heavier than) two big jugs of milk. How far do you think you could carry that?

And hoverboard backpacks do help, but that can even be a lot of weight for your shoulders.

What is the weight limit for a hoverboard?

So now that we’ve covered how much a hoverboard weighs, it’s equally important to answer the question, “What is the max weight limit for a hoverboard?”

Before even answering that, though, it’s super important to mention that all hoverboards have a minimum weight limit of 44 pounds (22 kg). This is usually the weight of a child around the age of six. If kids are lighter than this, they just don’t have enough weigh to trigger the board to move in different directions.

For a hoverboard’s upper weight limit, that is going to vary more by board. Smaller boards designed primarily for kids can usually handles weights up to around 150 pounds (68 kg) at least, if not 200 (91 kg) pounds or more. This means that hoverboards for kids or teens can actually often be ridden by all the members of your family, depending of course on how much exactly you all weigh. As you get closer to the upper weight limit, though, you may find them a little harder to control.

A pretty normal upper weight limit for hoverboards is 240 or 260 pounds (109 to 118 kg), for example this one.

Which hoverboard has the highest weight limit?

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Some hoverboards have a maximum weight limit going up to 300+ pounds, while this sucker (pictured above) can handle up to an insane 420 pounds (190 kg)! That’s the highest hoverboard weight limit I’ve ever seen. If you are looking for a hoverboard for a heavy person, this one should do!


As you can hopefully now see, the weight of a hoverboard is an important factor when shopping for a hoverboard. Don’t only consider how heavy the hoverboard is, but also how heavy you are in relation to it. Hopefully now you can make an informed decision and get the hoverboard that is perfect for you!

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