A Detailed LIEAGLE Hoverboard Review

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​The LIEAGLE 6.5″ Hoverboard

The LIEAGLE is an intro-level hoverboard with a wide range of features at a surprisingly affordable price. Keep an eye on this one, because it comes in many colors, and some of them sometimes drop as low as $100 when special deals are offered (see here for other hoverboards below $100). 

​Get ready to learn more in this comprehensive LIEAGLE hoverboard review!

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The Good

​To begin, the LIEAGLE is one of the cheapest hoverboards out there. Despite the very low price tag, it still comes with all the features you would expect out of a beginner’s hoverboard or a typical hoverboard for kids. or you can hust sit at home playing video games like Valorant Mobile..

You will be impressed with how many colors and patterns it comes in (about 20 as I type this), including some fun options for girls. A word of warning, though: not all colors of the LIEAGLE are equal. Yes, some are cheaper than others. But some of these have a lower price because they are also a lower quality model that doesn’t come with Bluetooth speakers or as many LED lights. So if having speakers is important to you, keep an eye on that!

When it comes to power and speed, the LIEAGLE is a little better than some of the bottom-end children’s hoverboards out there. It has dual (two) 200W motors, for a combined power of 400W. By comparison, some children’s hoverboards only have 200W total. Thanks to the this added power, the hoverboard can travel at a maximum speed of 8 MPH (12.9 km/hr), but note that this will vary.

The LIEAGLE can handle riders up to 264 pounds in weight, which is quite a lot! However, like with any hoverboard, you don’t want to get too close to the upper weight limit. The LIEAGLE performs best with riders up to around 150 pounds. On the lower end, kids will need to be at least 44 pounds to ride it (like almost all other hoverboards.

Last but not least, the LIEAGLE takes 2-3 hours to charge this hoverboard, which is pretty normal and better than some in this price category. Most riders get 1-2 hours of riding on a full charge, which is also better than many other budget end hoverboards.

The Bad

​At such a low price, you can expect this hoverboard to be perfect. Even though the LIEAGLE claims to have a really high upper weight limit, it simply isn’t going to give most larger teens or adults the power they may want out of a hoverboard. ​And don’t expect this hoverboard to be strong enough for offroading like these ones.

The fact that some LIEAGLE hoverboard colors don’t come with Bluetooth speakers is something you really need to be aware of. Some LIEAGLE hoverboard owners also claim that the model they receive can’t reach the maximum speed claimed on the Amazon page.

I think this is because all the LIEAGLE colors and models are crammed onto the same page, so the specs described don’t always match all the boards.

​LIEAGLE Hoverboard Features

​They are several specs that you should be looking at when you are comparing and contrasting hoverboards. Here are some of the most important details about the LIEAGLE hoverboard summarized.

  • Maximum speed: ​8 MPH (12.9 km/hr): This is decently fast, especially for kids, but heads up that some colors/models won’t be able to go this fast. It seems to vary a lot.
  • Hoverboard weight: 17 lbs (7.7 kg). This is one of the lightest hoverboards out there.
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inches. Normal for a children’s hoveboard.
  • Weight range: 44-265 lbs (20-120 kg). This is a huge weight range! However, once you go above about 150 lbs, the board won’t perform as well.
  • 200W dual motors (combined 400W): ​More powerful than some children’s hoverboards, but not crazy strong.
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours. Quite normal.
  • Range/Battery life: ​1-2 hours. Not bad for such a low-priced board.
  • Equipped with colorful LED lights on wheels and board.
  • Bluetooth speakers only on some colors/models.

Alternatives to the ​LIEAGLE

Comparison Chart

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Swagtron Swagboard Twist 3 Self Balancing Hoverboard for Kids Multicolor LED Wheels and LiFePo Battery Technology, Black
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SISIGAD Hoverboard, with Bluetooth and Colorful Lights Self Balancing Scooter
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TOMOLOO Hoverboard, Electric Self-Balancing Smart Scooter, UL 2272 Certified Hover Board 6.5 Two-Wheel with Music Speaker and LED Light.

If ​you aren’t sure whether the LIEAGLE is the hoverboard for you, here are some other similar-priced ones to consider.

​Swagtron Swagboard Twist

41WA03CX wL. SL500

If the only thing you care about is getting a super low price, then Swagtron’s Swagboard Twist is usually even cheaper than the LIEAGLE, and it is pretty much the cheapest hoverboard you are going to find out there. Heads up, though; it doesn’t have speakers and doesn’t go very fast. It’s only suitable for young kids.


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The SISIGAD is ​quite similar to the LIEAGLE in many ways. ​A first glance, the features don’t quite match up with the LIEAGLE’s; it takes a little longer to charge, is a little slower, and battery lasts not quite as long.

Still, it’s one of the most popular hoverboards for kids, and all the colors come with Bluetooth speakers. Here’s my full SISIGAD review.

TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed

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Going ​a step up from the other boards, the TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed hoverboard is my top recommended hoverboard for kids. It’s light, has decent charging time and battery life, and can reach speeds of up to 7 MPH.

What’s more, it has a Bluetooth speaker and LED lights that sync up to the music being played, which is a fun and totally unique feature. You can read my dedicated TOMOLOO review here.

Hoverboards FAQ

​Whether you decide to get the LIEAGLE or one of my other recommended hoverboards, here are some other things you may be wondering.

​How long does a hoverboard last? 

​Like any electronic device out there, hoverboards simply don’t last forever. In fact, a certain percentage of users even find that their hoverboard arrives broken or only lasts a very short time. This is why it’s important to check out the return policy when you buy.

Luckily, most users find that they get a decent run out of their hoverboard, and they can easily last for years. ​If you run into problems with any specific parts, it is sometimes possible to fix your hoverboard on your own, or you may just need to get a new hoverboard charger.

​In this article, I describe how long a hoverboard battery lasts, along with several tips for making your hoverboard last longer.

Are hoverboards safe to ride?

This is such an important question that I’ve written a separate post to answering: ​are hoverboards safe? To summarize it here, no, hoverboards don’t catch fire or explode anymore like some of them did when they were first introduced many years ago. All hoverboards sold on Amazon are UL2272 safety certified, including the ​LIEAGLE.

Accidents still happen when riding a hoverboard, just like other motorized transportation devices. That’s why it’s always a good idea to wear safety gear, such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads.

What else should I know when ​purchasing a hoverboard? 

​On this website, I try to cover everything you need to know in all of my hoverboard reviews. Still, these are some​ important tips for purchasing a hoverboard:

  • Does it have Bluetooth speakers and an app? Most (but not all) do. Always double check!
  • What is the weight limit for riders? You don’t want to get too close to it.
  • What is the range (battery life) and charging time?
  • How ​much does it weight?
  • What is the max speed?
  • Is it a well-known brand with lots of reviews, or one you’ve never heard of with only a few reviews that seem like they could be fake?

Final Thoughts

​The LIEAGLE is one of the most popular low-budget hoverboards out there. It comes in loads of colors (but not all have Bluetooth speakers), and it can be ridden by both children or adults. 

In many ways, this hoverboard is a steal of a deal, especially when it goes on sale from time to time. Just don’t expect anything too crazy like ultra high speeds or offroading ability.

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