How To Fix A Hoverboard (and other Hoverboard Troubleshooting)

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Is your hoverboard showing a blinking green, orange, or red light? Is one side of the hoverboard not working? Did your hoverboard get wet and now it won’t turn on? Below I’ll cover the most common issues and how to fix a broken hoverboard. Sometimes you can even do this with some common household materials! But if all else fails and your hoverboard has gone up to hoverboard heaven, then it may be time to upgrade to one of the best new hoverboards out there.

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A simple trick for fixing a broken hoverboard

Before getting into the more complex issues and repairs, the first thing that you should do is perform a master reset of the hoverboard. A master reset could remedy issues that range from a red light displaying on the hover board, any unusual sounds, or the board not charging.

The way to do a master reset depends on the brand, but for most you’ll need to press the power button for about ten seconds. In most cases, you will see a red light appear and then disappear and that should the end of the reset. To make make sure you do this properly, you should always refer to your owner’s manual first. 

After you do this master reset, turn the hoverboard back on and pay attention to what happens next. Either your hoverboard will be back to normal, or it will still be showing some kind of flashing lights. Pay attention to those flashing lights, because they can help you to determine what is wrong with the hoverboard.

Blinking Hoverboard Lights

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With that out of the way, let’s cover the various colored lights you might be seeing on your hoverboard and see what they might mean. Again, these could vary a little by brand, so it’s always best to check your manual. But if you don’t have that handy, the following may help.

Blinking green light

A flashing green light on a hoverboard usually means that the battery is getting close to low, such as around 20%. It’s still OK to ride, but you’ll probably want to finish up soon.

Red light blinking once

Oh crap. The dreaded “red light error”. Most of the time, this means there’s something wrong with your hoverboard. Hopefully, this just means your hoverboard is very low on battery, just as 5% or less. When you are dangerously low, the hoverboard may also beep. This is a warning to you not to ride it!

In most cases, if the red light flashes just once, it means that there may be some loose wiring inside your hoverboard. If that sounds scary, it may be an easier fix than you realize!

Simply find a safe, flat surface area and use a #2 Philips head screwdriver to take apart the main body of the board. This will requiring unscrewing all the screws on the bottom of the board (there are usually 15-20 of them). Don’t lose any! Next, go through the insides systematically, disconnecting and reconnecting any wires that you see.

Red light blinking 2-3 times

If you see the red light blinking twice on your hoverboard, there may be an issue with the circuit board. This is a more complex issue and you will probably have to buy a replacement circuit board such as this one or one from your manufacturer and follow some YouTube videos to replace it.

If you’re dead set on doing it yourself, you may want to do some research on YouTube and you may be able to find some guides for trobleshooting, but this will be more advanced and there’s a risk of further damaging your board if you do something wrong.

Red light blinking 4 or 5 times

When you see the red light flashing four times, it usually means there is a problem with the wheel not on the battery side. Five flashes means the wheel on the battery side is broken. You’ll most likely need to purchase a replacement wheel. Consult the manufacturer to find out the correct wheel to buy.

Red light blinking 6 times or more

A hoverboard red light flashing six times usually means your battery is the issue at hand and you’ll need to get a replacement one like this. Anything above six typically means replacing a gyroscope could remedy the issue. 

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Hoverboard won’t turn off (and/or hoverboard is beeping)

An unfortunate problem you could encounter is that your hoverboard will not turn off. This means your circuit board is probably messed up and needs to be replaced. To turn it off and stop the beeping, you’ll need to get your screwdriver and open it up like I described above. The battery will usually be on the side opposite the charging port. Locate the battery and unplug it. You could try plugging it in again and see what happens, but do this at your own risk, as you could further damage the board by doing so.

Hoverboard won’t turn on

When you face the issue of the hover board not turning on, the first thing you should do is to check if your battery is charged. Usually a red light during the charging process means its charging, and a green light means that the board is fully charged and ready to ride. 

If that’s not it, then several other problems are possible. It could mean a dead battery, mother board, or defective charger. To see if the charger is working, first plug it into the wall and check for a green light. Next, plug it into the hoverboard and let it charge for as long as it should take to get a full charge. If the hoverboard still won’t turn on, probably something is wrong with the wiring. If it starts out green but then loses battery very quickly, then either the charger or battery are not doing well. Luckily, good chargers like this one aren’t too pricey.

One side of hoverboard is not working

Hover board riders have also experienced times when a hoverboard’s one side is not working. According to most manufactures, this problem is the result of a gyroscope that needs to be replaced. There are two types of gyroscopes (male and female) and the best way to determine which one you have you in your hover board is to check your owner’s manual.  After that, it is a simple process of ordering your part from your manufacturer and removing and replacing. 

Oops! I got my hoverboard wet!

Like most electronic devices, hoverboards are not friends with water or other liquids. Don’t worry about some light drizzle, but if you accidentally spill a drink on your hoverboard, ride through a deep puddle, or get stuck in heavy rain, there are a few ways to save your hoverboard. In all cases, acting quickly is very important. You want to make sure that you remedy the issue as soon as possible so that the water does get into the wrong parts of the hoverboard.

The first thing you should do is unplug the battery to avoid any electrical shocks. Grab your screwdriver and remove the panels that are covering the electronics of the hover board. If you think that the mother board has gotten wet, disconnect it from the hover board and simply place it in a bowl or sack of dry rice for about 24 hours, as dried rice acts to suck out any moisture. That rule usually applies to all electrical parts of the board as well. Once completely dry, reinstall all electronics and leave the board open for another 24 hours to ensure that all water is dried up. 

Hoverboard wheels locked in place

Another common issue is when the hover board wheels lock in place. This problem can be solved by removing the screws that hold the wheel in place and pulling off the wheel entirely. Most of the time, the issue is resolved by replacing the washer which separates the wheel from the motor. We recommend doing the same on both sides so that you can avoid the issue for a longer period of time.

Good luck fixing your hoverboard!

As you can hopefully now see, performing repairs on your own is not out of the realm of possibility. It may seem intimidating at first, but following the steps above could save you money in the future. I hope you’re now thinking “I know how to fix my hoverboard.”

But what happens if your hover board cannot be fixed? You have followed all the steps to repair it but still no positive results. Unfortunately, your beloved board may have kicked the bucket for good. If that’s the case, it may be time for a new and improved model. Check out my recommended ones for this year here!

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