How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go? (& other Hoverboard Speed Questions)

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Hoverboards are loads of fun, and those who ride this amazing high-tech device know the awesome feeling of hovering around (even though it’s not true hovering!) with the wind blowing in their hair.

But exactly how fast does a hoverboard go? And what is the max speed of a hoverboard? The answers are probably not as clear-cut as you might be hoping for, but I’ll get into all the nitty-gritty of these important hoverboard speed questions below!

How Fast Can A Hoverboard Go?

To give you a short and sweet answer to the question, “How fast is a hoverboard?”, the normal upper speed of a hoverboard is 7 to 10 MPH (around 11-16 km/hr). Children’s hoverboards usually go 6 to 7.5 MPH (10-12 km/hr).

The fastest hoverboard speed is currently listed by any manufacturers is 12 MPH (19.3 km/hr). See here to find out what the fastest hoverboard in the world is!

This number is likely to increase in years to come as hoverboards become more and more advanced. I’ve already seen remors that future models may reach 12.5, 13 or even 15 MPH.

Why can’t hoverboards go even faster?

There’s a reason why a hoverboard top speed is set. Because hoverboards are battery operated and are fairly heavy (not to mention the added weight of you on the board), there is only so much power that battery in there can provide.

To go even faster, the battery would have to be larger and heavier, which would also drive the weight of the board up. What’s more, it could become dangerous to travel any faster, as your likelihood of getting injured should you wipe out will only increase.

Hoverboards are not the same as skateboards. They don’t continue to go faster with increased gravitational pull or steeper decline. The speed a hoverboard travels is constantly controlled by the hoverboard’s motherboard. So don’t think that you can get your hoverboard going faster simply by taking it down a steep hill. In fact, this is not recommended for hoverboard riding and can be quite dangerous.

Note that some hoverboards will make a beeping noise if you get them going too fast. This can either be a blessing (for safety’s sake) or a curse (because it can be annoying).

Factors Affecting Hoverboard Speed

A hoverboard maximum speed is not just a set thing that you can hop on and achieve. There are a number of factors that will influence the maximum speed of a hoverboard. Here are some of them:

  • Brand and model: No two hoverboards are exactly the same in terms of max speed that can be achieved. Some of them list the top speed in their listings, while others don’t.
  • Rider weight: How heavy are you? This is going to have an impact! Have you ever noticed how huge trucks and RVs travel more slowly on the highway? The same will go for your hoverboard. Smaller rides should be able to achieve faster speeds.
  • Surface conditions: Wondering how to make a hoverboard go faster? Stick to the smoothest pavement possible. Bumping, uneven, or rough surfaces will slow you down, as will off-roading.
  • Battery charge: On some boards, you may notice the speed goes down as your battery gets closer to empty.
  • Weather: Yup, even wind blowing against you can slow you down, just like on a bicycle. It’s all about opposing forces. Isn’t physics fun?

A Few Examples of Hoverboard Speeds

Comparison Chart

51z76R8UWBL. SL500
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board – UL2272 Certified, All-Terrain 8.5” Alloy Wheel, 400W Dual-Motor, LG Battery, Board Hover Tough Road Condition [Classic Series, Space Grey]
41qdAvyD RL. SL500
Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter with 10″ Tires, Gun Metal
51bihxq h1L. SL500
Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights, UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter

Let’s look at some of my top recommended hoverboards and what their max speeds are.

EPIKGO Classic

51z76R8UWBL. SL500

The EPIKGO Classic model is one of the most powerful hoverboards on the market today and can reach a speed of around 10 MPH.

You’re going to be paying more for quality and endurance on this one, on top of that added speed. The EPIKGO comes with all-terrain capabilities, 400W dual motors, water resistance, and can accommodate very large riders.

For an even faster ride, EPIKGO also has the sports series that can reach a speed of 12 MPH, making it one of the fastest hoverboards on the market.

Hover-1 Titan 

41qdAvyD RL. SL500

Here’s another robust hoverboard that can reach a speed of around 7.45 MPH. You can connect with your mobile device through built-in Bluetooth Speaker while you are driving.Hover-1 Titan is comparable to the EPIKGO in many other ways, too. Both are powerful hoverboards designed for off-roading.

Gyroor Warrior

51bihxq h1L. SL500

Gyroor’s flagship Warrior model is another robust unit designed with all-terrain capabilities. This hoverboard is comparable to the EPIKGO classic in many ways, including the price. This one also has a stated maximum speed of just a hint less: 9.95 MPH.

But compared to the EPIKGO Classic, you’ll get bluetooth speakers, which is always a sweet feature to have!

One cool feature of the Gyroor is that you can set different maximum speeds on it, which may be good for younger riders.

Slower Hoverboards

The other three hoverboards that I strongly recommend only have a maximum speed of 6 MPH (10 km/hr) and 7.5 mph (12 km/hr). Despite being at the low end of the hoverboard speed range, I still recommend these boards for other reasons, including lower price, cool features, and suitability for kids.

Those three hoverboards are as follows, started with the lowest prices:

  • SISIGAD 6.5″ Kids’ Hoverboard (6 MPH)
  • TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed Hoverboard (7.5 MPH)
  • Hover-1 Helix (7.5 MPH)

Final thoughts on Hoverboard max speeds

If you came here to find the answer to the question, “How fast are hoverboards?” I hope you’ve found the definite answer, plus more to think about than you even came for. Hoverboard speed is a trickier topic than it may be for other forms of transportation. If hoverboard top speed means a lot to you, then make sure you consider it when making your important purchase.

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