EPCTEK Hoverboard Review

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Hoverboard manufacturers continue to improve on their products both in safety and in performance. The Eyourlife Smart Hoverboard  will surely win over buyers. one of the hoverboards that are on the rise and will surely win over buyers. The product goes through careful testing and ensures that the electrical systems are safe.

With this board, there is no chance of fire incidents after several fire tests. They also go through multiple drop tests to ensure that the board’s outer body is safe.

The EPCTEK Hoverboard has a polymer frame that’s shatter-resistant. It also comes with an extra protection for any fender-bumper. Foot platforms are made of rubber, which is anti-slip; in order to protect the user from falling off. It’s easy to control for smooth rides, even on corners and curves. This is possible because of the gyro sensors.

Your child can go forward, backward, and spin around; from start to finish. A dynamic equilibrium powers the hoverboard, and your child can control this by shifting his or her body weight. When the balance is off, an alarm will sound and an indicator light turns on. When this happens, this means that the system cannot achieve self-balance.

EPCTEK Hoverboard

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Features of the EPCTEK Hoverboard

Why should a consumer choose this product? What makes it distinct from the others? Consumers usually base their decision on the features and the Eyourlife has a lot to offer. Here are some of the cool features:

Stylish and Functional

  • The hoverboard is fully certified and comes with a lot of different safety features.
  • It has a footpad which is non-skid as well as a modern, ergonomic design. These allow for more stability and precise control.
  • When fully charged, this board can run for up to 2 hours straight. It’s able to carry children who weigh up to 220 lbs.
  • Works well on ramps and on different kinds of surfaces. With this hoverboard, your child can run on smooth and rough surfaces as well as 15-degree slopes.


  • The design of the hoverboard allows for a solid grip and easy balance
  • The casing of the board makes it sturdy, allowing for a hassle-free and stable ride
  • It’s one of the more affordable hoverboards available
  • Comes with a warranty good for 1 year and friendly service support for customers


  • The ground clearance isn’t adequate
  • Charging time of the battery is quite long


This product is elegantly designed in both function and structure. The Eyourlife Hoverboard will certainly provide a fun riding experience for your child. Your child can use it for his/her daily commute or just for fun. This hoverboard has been rigorously tested for safety.

This eliminates the worry factor of its users. Safety is always the most important factor in the design of hoverboards. Eyourlife has adhered to all safety requirements. Their products have received several safety certifications. Eyourlife even has provided front LED lights to warn upcoming vehicles.

The Eyourlife vehicles have two 300W motors. These provide between 500W-1000W output. These motors can also enable the hoverboard a maximum speed of 6.2 mph. The motors and the vehicles sturdy and durable built can effortlessly carry a load of 220 lbs. for a range of 9.3 miles. As for slopes, it can do up to 15-degree inclines.

With the Eyourlife’s zero-turning radius, the user will experience a stable balance. The lithium-ion batteries can reach full charge in about three hours.


Rawrr Hoverboard with LED Wheel Lights and Bluetooth Speaker

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The Rawrr Hoverboard has also its own unique features. It’s another great option for you to consider. Similar to the Eyourlife, this is also certified. It’s safe against fire and electrical hazards. As a two-wheel auto self-balancing scooter, it allows for smoother rides.

The faster response makes it safer and easier to control. With a turning radius that can be zero, your child can maneuver the scooter in very narrow spaces. Your child can control the two drive motors. It’s easy to do rotations, accelerations, and breaking.

With an enhanced motherboard and gyro sensors, the board allows for smooth rides. For unmatched durability, it has an enhanced shell and chassis. It has an ergonomic design and a footpad, which is non-skid. This allows your child’s feet to grip with control to the board. Your child can do effortless gliding through corners with full and precise control.

Final Verdict

The E EPCTEK Hoverboard offers excellent features. The powerful motors ensure a speed of 6 mph. For power and energy, it is truly designed for ultimate efficiency. Its design allows to comfortably carry children without any balance disturbance. Its function is versatile as it can be used to carry loads; for transport and for recreation.

The EPCTEK Hoverboard only uses components of the best standards. Its rigorous testing assures the user’s safety and smooth rides. With this board, there are no issues with balance. This is because the manufacturers worked on these issues and solved them. The footboard offers a strong grip, which prevents your child from slipping off.

It has front LED lights that indicate any warnings or simply a signal. They also add elegance to the design. Finally, the batteries provide the required power to the hoverboard. It’s definitely a superior product!

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