EVERCROSS Hoverboard Scooter Review

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It’s the ultimate ride these days. But beware. When I tried it the first time I almost upset the entire store. Sports equipment went flying everywhere, and I was on the floor.So yes, hoverboards are tricky to ride. But once you get the hang of them they’re the most fun you’ll ever have.Which one should you get? Let’s run through some basics so you can see if EVERCROSS Hoverboard Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter model is the one for you.

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Buying Guide

This is still a relatively new toy—accessory—on the market, but already you’ll find many different types.  Are you buying for yourself or someone else?

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • How big is the owner of the hoverboard? Most units can handle everyone in your family, but they do have weight limitations. Purchasing one for kids’ use will therefore not be difficult, but if it’s for the whole family you must pick a larger one
  • Can you see if it’s a reputable company that delivers quality? You don’t want to purchase an item that will soon break because let’s face it; it will go through some hard handling while you learn to use it. Take a hint from the return policy or the warranty period. If the company doesn’t allow you to return it after a month or even six, it may not be the wisest purchase
  • Look at the battery life. You don’t want your kids’ fun spoiled by purchasing a low-quality unit that will stop working just when everyone’s starting to have fun. Look at the battery life, but also how long it takes to charge before you can use it again. This determines how big your kids’ smiles will be.
  • What are the safety features? Look for UL2272 or UL991 mentions as these prove the brand keeps to certain standards

Let’s have a look at it so you can decide yourself.

Hoverboard Scooter Review

First off, I love that the manufacturer provides you with a bag. It makes it easier to carry your hoverboard wherever you go, and no one can complain about toys dirtying the car.

Secondly, this is a board for the entire family since a smart sensor enables different riding experiences. This makes it appropriate for:

  • Beginners
  • Experts
  • Kids

Here’s how it keeps everyone happy.


This is a dynamic and safe board. Thanks to the variety of safety features, anyone using the board will be relatively safe. Of course, safety is determined by responsible usage, but the brand provides the following:

  • Non-slip surfaces underneath your feet. This will help you keep balance and prevent spinning out of control at higher speeds
  • The rubber tires are appropriate for all terrains. This means you’ll be safe traveling off the road, onto the pavement or on grassy areas. Transitions between terrains often cause accidents, but you’ll be more in control of the situation if your wheels can handle both surfaces
  • It has different modes to accommodate unique riding styles. A beginner will fall less while advanced riders can enjoy slightly more power and performance
  • The smart sensor works on your behalf to keep a balance, so fewer falls occur

Of course, it’s not only about being practical. You want to enjoy the ride as much as possible. To enhance your riding pleasure, you get the following from EVERCROSS Hoverboard:

  • Play your music through your hoverboard. This is possible thanks to a powerful Bluetooth enabled the system. It will pick up a signal from your music source, even at a distance, and play it through its wireless speaker
  • The unit is covered in LED lights at the top and bottom. These are for aesthetic reasons, but they also help you be visible if you’re riding at night
  • It contains a Lithium-Ion battery. This will allow around one hour’s worth of play as it can carry you up to 10 miles
  • It weighs 24.5lb
  • A maximum speed of 10mph
  • 30-day warranty period
  • Both the unit and its charger are UL2272 certified
  • Weight limit is 220lb which allows most adults to have fun with the kids
  • You can see this brand is serious about safety


  • Easy to learn to ride
  • Good audio from speakers
  • The brand provides good customer service
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Available in different colors
  • Will start beeping to warn of low battery


  • Consumers find the battery and charging unit often malfunction
  • This may cause very short battery life
  • Parts near wheels tend to scuff
  • Heavy to carry (provided bag helps); Note that kids will struggle to lug it around


You can see the brand did its utmost to impress. Almost all parts of this hoverboard are well designed. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and I hope they take another look at the charging mechanism in the future. But if your family is looking for a new way to pass the time, this could be your answer.


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If looks are your main concern, you may look elsewhere, such as the Flash Wheel from Hoverheart. The multicolored lights are something to see. And for more advanced technology, check out TOMOLOO’s Hoverboard that incorporates gravity sensors and an intelligent chipset. Remember it will cost you more.

Final Verdict

But I don’t think there’s any reason to look elsewhere than the EVERCROSS Hoverboard Hoverboard sold by YayGear. It’s got looks, functionality, and sound. What more do you want? And yes, it’s priced reasonably as well. With the different hues available, each person in your family can now own their favorite color. Happy riding!

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