Electric Skateboard Battery Life: How Long Does it Last?

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If you’re considering getting an electric skateboard, or already have one, then there’s one important question you’ll likely want answered. How long does an electric skateboard battery last?

Despite their advantages compared to traditional skateboards, one pesky disadvantage is that the Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries found in most of them need to be charged regularly. Also, the battery inside won’t last forever, especially if you buy one one of these cheap electric skateboards.

Electric skateboard battery life can mean one of two things: how long a skateboard battery lasts after being fully charged, and how many times you can charge an electric skateboard battery before it loses its ability to hold charges and needs to be replaced.

In this article, I’ll answer both of the above questions, plus provide you with some tips on how to make an electric skateboard battery last longer!

How long does an electric skateboard battery last on one charge?

With a fully charged battery, an electric skateboard can travel anywhere from 5 to 50 miles, or 8 to 80 kilometers. A larger battery (measured in Watt-hours) means that a battery can last longer. Generally speaking, cheaper electric skateboards and ones aimed at young kids last for a shorter time, while more expensive ones last longer.

The most common range of an electric skateboard is 8 to 20 miles, or 13 to 32 kilometers. It’s important to note that these ranges are cited by manufacturers, but the distance you actually get on a full charge will vary according to several factors (see next section).

So what do these distance numbers equate to in time? Again, this is going to how you are riding the skateboard. But if you want an approximate number to expect, simply do the math.

For example, the popular NPET Pro electric skateboard has a listed range of 9 miles and a maximum speed of 12 MPH. This means that if you ride your board at maximum speed for 9 miles, it will last for 45 minutes (9 divided by 12 equals 0.75; remember math class?)

But of course, you are seldom going to be riding at full speed. If you ride it in a normal way, which means sometimes slowing, accelerating, and stopping, it should last at least twice as long as that. 

You can learn more about electric skateboards speeds in this article.

Factors affecting electric skateboard battery life per charge

  • How close are you to the board’s weight limit?
  • Is the terrain rough or smooth?
  • What is the degree of incline?
  • Are you riding gently or aggressively?
  • How’s the weather?

How many times can an electric skateboard battery be charged?

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Most lithium ion battery last for around 300 to 500 charge cycles, or for 2-3 years (whichever one comes first). At this point, they reach 80% of less of their original run time, and are considered in need to be replaced. At best, some lithium batteries can last up to 1000 charge cycles. This translates to around 2-3 years for most users.

This is the second meaning of “battery life”; how many times an electric skateboard battery can be charged before it starts to lose it’s ability to hold a charge.

You see, Lithium-ions don’t usually just go from working normally to completely dying overnight. It tends to be a gradual death or loss of power holding ability over time, just like you may notice your laptop’s battery drains faster as it gets older. Accumulated charges cause this, but so does leaving your electric skateboard unused for long periods of time.

So how does this translate into time? Well, imagine you ride your electric skateboard every single day, and fully charge it again every night (this equals one complete “charge cycle”). Then it might last just under a year at worst, or 3 years at best. And if you don’t use and charge it every single day, then you can probably make your eskateboard battery last even longer.

However, after 2 to 3 years, no matter how often you charged your electric skateboard, you’re probably going to see some noticeable drop in battery life on a full charge.

Tips for Increasing Electric Skateboard Battery Life

Nobody wants his or her E-Skateboard to run out of power sooner, right? Follow these tips to maximize the battery life of your electric skateboard.

Don’t exceed (or even get close to) the weight limit.

All electric skateboards come with an upper weight limit, and for good reason. If you are heavier than that weight limit, the motor has to try harder and thus needs more power to travel. It will not only drain your battery faster on each charge but also put more strain on the battery over time.

Even if you get close to the upper weight limit of an electric skateboard, you’ll probably notice it doesn’t perform as well as it could. For this reason, I always recommend leaving a good window when it comes to your electric skateboard’s weight limit. If you’re too close to it, it’s probably a good idea to opt for a board with a higher weight limit.

Keep the batteries out of extreme temperatures.

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Lithium ion batteries are best kept at room temperature. Generally speaking, this is anywhere from 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 22 degrees Celsius). Don’t worry too much about going a little over or under that range, though.

What you definitely don’t want to do is leave your electric skateboard outside on a super hot (or super cold) day. These can negatively impact battery life. Or, even worse, then cause serious damage to your board’s batteries. Of course, you may finding yourself riding in some of these lower or higher temperatures, and that’s fine, but what’s more important is not leaving your board in those extreme temperatures after your ride.

Don’t let your electric skateboard sit unused for too long.

If we’re talking a few days or even weeks, don’t sweat it. But one thing that’s not good for your electric skateboard’s overall battery life is letting it sit without using it for many months at a time.

For people who live in areas with snow, it’s kind of inevitable that you’re not going to be using your electric skateboard much or at all in winter. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to get your electric skateboard out once or twice in winter, even if that means just playing around on it inside your house for a while, then charging it up again.

When you’re letting your electric skateboard sit for several months, it’s ideal to leave the battery about half way charged. This is because a lithium ion battery degrades faster when fully charged.

Don’t fully drain the battery every time.  

There used to be this idea that you need to fully drain your battery every time to maximize battery life. This is simply no longer true.

So how low should you let the battery go before you charge it? And should you fully charge it every time? Apparently, there are some pretty mixed ideas out there about these questions.

When researching my similar article on how long a hoverboard battery lasts, I came across the detailed study of lithium ion batteries. According to the study, letting a battery drain to only 25% before charging it, and only charging to 80% every time, is the absolute ideal condition for elongating battery life over time. 

However, the downside of doing this is that you’re not getting a full charge every time, so your mileage or range is going to be pretty low. Therefore, my suggestion is to find the right balance between the two. Perhaps charge it to 100% every time, to increase mileage per charge, but try to stop riding when your battery gets to 20 or 25%.

If you go lower sometimes, or even fully drain it by accident once or twice, well, no big deal. But if you make it a habit of generally not fully draining the battery every time, then you’ll find your electric skateboard battery should last longer down the road. 

Buy batteries that are as new as possible.

Because Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, this is one thing you definitely don’t want to buy second hand. If the batteries are already used and now they are being sold, there’s a good chance they’re already approaching the end of their life cycle.

Moreover, even when buying brand new batteries, try to check the manufacturer’s date and buy ones that were as recently made as possible. You don’t want ones that have already been sitting in a shop for two years.

What to do if your electric skateboard battery loses its charge

If you find that your electric skateboard isn’t lasting so long on one charge anymore, you may be reaching the end of its life cycle. You’ll now need to make an important decision: buy a replacement battery and replace it yourself, or just buy a new electric skateboard.

A replacement battery can be expensive, and some manufacturers don’t even offer them. You’ll also need to make sure you get the right one. But is it worth it? Only you can decide.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s not just your charger that’s not working. If you find your charger is broken, fortunately this isn’t so pricey to replace. But again, you’ll need to get the right one. For example, if you ride a Halo Board, then make sure to get this Halo Board charger.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how long electric skateboard batteries last is a pretty important factor for choosing the right electric skateboard for you. Unsurprisingly, you’ll probably need to spend more money to get an electric skateboard that lasts longer. But even if your board has a shorter battery life, you can still maximize it by following the tips I provided above.   

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