The Best Hoverboards under $200

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Are you looking for a high quality hoverboard under 200 dollars? Well, you’re in luck! In recent years, the prices of these awesome personal transportation devices have dropped significantly, with more and more affordable hoverboards hitting the market. Meanwhile, their overall quality, safety, and features have only improved!

What this means is that you can now buy a good quality bluetooth hoverboard for $200 or less. There are even hoverboards under $100 available today (mostly they are just under, like $99). But when you go that cheap, you will have to sacrifice features, quality, and battery life big time.

If you’re willing to spend 100-200 dollars on your hoverboard, you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck. While this is still the budget end of the hoverboard price spectrum, you can expect to have better specs all around, making $200 hoverboards perfect for kids or any beginners looking to buy their first hoverboard. However, at 200 bucks, you won’t quite get the offroading capabilities, stronger motors, higher weight limits, or super high speeds of $200+ hoverboards.

Below I’m going to introduce five of the best hoverboards under 200 dollars (but above $100) available today. In fact, some of these hoverboards are so good that they also make it onto my lists of the top hoverboards and the best hoverboards for kids.  

Best Hoverboards Under $200 Dollars

Before getting to the detailed reviews for each of these top hoverboards under $200, here’s a brief summary of why I chose each one.

All five of these hoverboards come with 6.5″ wheels, which is the smallest size and most common for children’s hoverboards. All of them are UL2272 safety certified. All of them are suitable for kids, but only the Hover-1 H1, Gyroor Swift, and JOLEGE can also easily handle adults.

Comparison Chart

41kZMWQAmjL. SL500
Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter , Iridescent , 25 x 9.4 x 9.2
416TrMYWrJL. SL500
SISIGAD Hoverboard, with Bluetooth and Colorful Lights Self Balancing Scooter
41spl0OalUS. SL500
TOMOLOO Hoverboard, Bluetooth and LED Music Rhythmed Lights Hover Board with 6.5 Inch Solid 2 Wheel, UL2272 Certified Hoverboard for Adults and Kids
LongtimeUSA All-Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard 8.5″ Wheels Electric Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board for Adults and Kids Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights UL2272 Certified (Black)
41IvIO4gMcL. SL500
Felimoda Hoverboard with Bluetooth and colorful LED Lights ,6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter hoverboard for kids ages 6-12

Hover-1 H1

41kZMWQAmjL. SL500

For the first hoverboard under 200 dollars, let me introduce the Hover-1 H1. For starters, Hover-1 is one of the most reliable hoverboard brands on the market. In fact, there are several Hover-1 hoverboards that cost less than $200 and could just as easily made it onto this list (check out the Drive, Helix, and Chrome for example), but the H1 comes out on top, just barely, when it comes to user satisfaction.

Note that only one of the colors (see above pic) is under $200 at the time of writing.

Product Highlights

  • Max. 9 MPH (14.5 km/hr)
  • 9-mile range
  • Three skill modes
  • Can carry 44-264 pounds (20-120 kg)
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • Bluetooth speakers and app
  • 2.5 hours charging time
  • Weight: 22.04 pounds (10.2 kg)

The Good

At first glance, there’s a lot to love about the Hover-1 H1. With less than 200 dollars, you get pretty much all the features you would hope for in a hoverboard, including Bluetooth speaker, app, and LED lights. Being able to adjust the LED lights is an additional feature than other hoverboards don’t always have.  

The Hover-1 H1 can reach a fast speed of 9 MPH (the fastest hoverboard on the market is 12 MPH, while the slowest is 6 MPH). This makes it the fastest hoverboard on this list. When it comes to charging time and battery life, you’ll also find that it’s pretty decent (once again, not the best, but also not the worst).

When it comes to riding, having three skill modes to choose from is extremely helpful, and this hoverboard’s app gives you lots of control over its features.

Last but not least, with a max weight limit of 242 pounds, kids, teenagers, and even adults can ride this hoverboard.

The Bad

No hoverboard is perfect, right? Some users complain that the Hover-1 H1 scratches quite easily. What’s more, it’s not the lightest hoverboard on this list by several pounds, so you may want to consider that if buying for a very young kid. 


  • Fast speed
  • Decent charging time and battery life
  • 3 skill modes
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • Trusted brand, top rated
  • Suitable for kids or adults


  • Scratches easily
  • Not the lightest


416TrMYWrJL. SL500

The second hoverboard for under 200 dollars on my list is the SISIGAD. Here’s another reputable brand that offers not one but several hoverboards under $150 (at the time I write this). The main difference between the various SISIGAD models is mainly in their outer color/pattern/plating. I link to some of those different choices below, and all of them are very suitable beginner’s hoverboards.

​For even more info on this hoverboard, see my dedicated SISIGAD hoverboard review article.

Product Highlights

  • Tons of colors to choose from
  • Max. 6 MPH (9.7 km/hr)
  • 3 to 5-mile range (30 min to 1 hour)
  • Can carry 44-200 pounds (20-91 kg)
  • LED lights, bluetooth speaker, and app
  • 3-5 hours charging time
  • Weight: 20 pounds (9 kg)

The Good

The first thing that will impress you with the SISIGAD is it’s low price. As I write this, it is less than $150, and is the second cheapest hoverboard on this list (for the cheapest one, see the last entry).

Something else that will jump out right away is the super wide range of colors, patterns, and plating material choices you’ll get if you go with the SISIGAD. The basic Pure Color line comes with over 20 color choices! Then there’s the Fun Edition, which comes with some wilder patterns at only a slightly higher cost (still well under $200). Finally, there’s the Plating Dazzle series, which has a metallic exterior. Thanks to the many colors and patterns this board comes in, I’ve also included in my list of the best hoverboards for girls. 

Due to the wide range of colors, the hoverboard’s light weight, and fact that it maxes out at 6 MPH, it’s an extremely suitable choice for young kids.

The Bad

The SISIGAD hoverboard is really designed for young kids. As a result, it only reaches 6 MPH, the slowest of any hoverboard. Moreover, the weight limit only goes up to 200 pounds. Since you don’t even really want to get close to the upper weight limit, this means that adults won’t want to use this board. 

This hoverboard also takes a long time to charge, and the battery life is very short. These are some compromises you’ll have to make for the low price tag.


  • Tons of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Light weight
  • Slow speed (good for very young kids)
  • Low price tage


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Slow
  • Long charging time
  • Short battery life


41spl0OalUS. SL500

The TOMOLOO is one of my personal favorite hoverboards. I consider it one of the best hoverboards on the market, and it tops my list of the best kids’ hoverboards. I’ve also got a more detailed TOMOLOO hoverboard review here.

But, all this goodness comes at a cost. The TOMOLOO is the most expensive hoverboard on this list, sitting one penny under $200 at the time of writing.

Here’s why I like the TOMOLOO so much: 

Product Highlights

  • LED lights that sync to the music being played
  • Max. 7.5 MPH (12.5 km/hr)
  • 2-3 hours on one charge
  • Can carry 44-220 pounds (20-100 kg)
  • Bluetooth speaker and app
  • 2-3 hours charging time
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs (8 kg)

The Good

The TOMOLOO’s most unique feature is revealed right in its name: when you play music through the Bluetooth speakers, the LED lights sync to it. Super cool!

On top of that, the TOMOLOO is the lightest hoverboard on this list, at only 17.6 pounds, which will make it easier for young kids to carry if they have to. The charging time is OK, but at least it usually lasts a solid 2-3 hours before running out.

In terms of speed, the TOMOLOO reaches speeds of 1.5 MPH faster than most hoverboards designed mainly for young kids, so that will give them a little more excitement if they’re looking for it. 

The Bad

Unlike the other hoverboards below $200 that we looked at so far, the TOMOLOO doesn’t have tons of colors to choose from. As I write this, only one black and one pink version are under $200.

Also, just like the SISIGAD, this hoverboard is really not designed for adults. 


  • Cool LED lights 
  • Super light weight
  • OK charging time
  • Long battery life
  • A little faster than other children’s hoverboards


  • Few colors to choose from
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Priciest on this list

LongtimeUSA All-Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard

The quality you get with this very affordable hoverboard makes it easy to trick you into thinking it must be much more expensive. This product is also available in three different configurations of low to high maximum load capacity for versatility and more options.

Product Highlights

  • Powerful dual motors will help carry you on this hoverboard while traveling on top of it
  • An excellent design makes the hoverboard display nicely for a stylish ride
  • It is safe to use with a UL certification for overall safety
  • It comes equipped with a clear and easy detectable backlight and front LED light for an increased fun factor
  • Large wheels allow you to easily maneuver the board even on rough terrain for a better experience and more fun
  • Large non-slip foot pads will help to keep you safely on the board while riding
  • Play your favorite music on the built-in speakers while riding the board

The Good

What stands out the most about this hoverboard from LongtimeUSA is the large 8.5 inches wheels it comes equipped with. This makes it easy to travel on many different types of surfaces, even the rough off-road surfaces you may ride on.

The battery will take three hours to charge, but you will have a long time at your disposal for riding around with a full charge. This will increase the fun factor together with the nice built-in speakers you have to listen to music while riding.

It is very easy to learn the controls of this hoverboard, so you can have fun right away.

The Bad

With a maximum speed of only around 6 miles, this board is quite slow compared to many other hoverboards on the market. This is not ideal for those who love to ride at a fast pace while they are on the board, traveling the neighborhood.

Another not-so-nice thing is that it will emanate an annoying beeping sound when the board thinks you are going too fast. This is not good because it interferes with your favorite music while you are getting carried away with the beat of the music.


  • Fast battery charging is available with this hoverboard
  • It comes with a long battery life for increased fun
  • A sturdy construction with top quality materials
  • Controls are easy to use for quick learning option


  • It had quite a slow maximum speed capacity
  • An annoying beeping sound when you go too fast

Felimoda Hoverboard with Bluetooth

41IvIO4gMcL. SL500

The hoverboard from Felimoda is made with style in mind while you are having fun at the same time on the board. It also comes with excellent features included to make it functional and provide more fun while riding in the wind in style.

Product Highlights

  • The beautiful tunnel design of the wheels provide a unique display of the LED lights installed
  • Outstanding stability is found on this hoverboard while the strong traction provides for quick and easy turning
  • The riding method is easily mastered with natural body postures to steer the board in all directions
  • With Bluetooth speakers included with the hoverboard, you will be able to listen to music while riding on it
  • It is safe to use the hoverboard from Felimoda, with nice safety features included to keep you protected
  • The light-weight construction makes it easy to ride on and control it with body postures
  • You can use this hoverboard on various surfaces to increase the fun factor when riding on it

The Good

The nice LED lights that display beautifully in the dark make this hoverboard show off nicely, looking like something from the future. The double wheels make it easy to control with easy body postures for a smooth ride on this hoverboard from Felimoda.

Equipped with powerful dual motors, it will be easy to carry up to 200 pounds, making it usable for both adults and kids. With great safety features and non-slip padding for the feet, this hoverboard is safe to use for fun and a great experience.

The Bad

Even though these hoverboards display very well with beautiful colors and a nice metallic shine, you have a somewhat limited choice of colors. They are available in only three colors which include pink, blue, and green which is a bit disappointing for those who want more colors.

The dual footpads look nice and come with a non-slip feature, but they are a bit on the small side. This makes it a bit difficult to use by those with larger feet as the pads do not cover the whole foot.


  • This hoverboard can be used by adults and children
  • A beautiful design to make it look stylish
  • The wheels are large for easy maneuverability on different surfaces
  • It is made with a strong and durable design and construction


  • It is available in only three colors
  • Footpads are not made with large feet in mind

What if I Spend More (or Less) than This Price Range?

If your budget is not necessarily set at $100-200, then here are a few things to consider. 

First, if you get a hoverboard for less than $100, be aware that most of them are about 1 cent under 100, that is, they are usually $99.99. So they aren’t WAY under $100.  

And for the price to go that low, usually some major sacrifices have to be made. Few of them include Bluetooth technology, they tend to have very long charging time and/or super short battery life, and some of them don’t even have individually moving footpads

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend more than $200, what you are likely to get is a more powerful, robust hoverboard. This means it will be able to go faster (like 10 or even 12 MPH), will be stronger, and will be better suited for larger/heavier riders. It may also have larger wheels, battery, and motor. More expensive hoverboards also often come with offroading capability. 

On the downside, more powerful hoverboards tend to be larger and heavier, and thus not so suitable for kids. Some of the best higher priced hoverboards I usually recommend are the Gyroor Warrior, EPIKGO.

The Benefits of Riding a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are more than just a quick way to get around – there are actually a number of health benefits that they offer, even cheap hoverboards like the ones mentioned above. Let’s take a look at some of the proven health benefits that these devices can offer. 

Burns calories

The act of riding a hoverboard doesn’t look like a workout at all. Most of us have this notion of workouts being activities that involve heavy breathing and sweating, like running or weightlifting. But the fact of the matter is that riding a hoverboard is a great source of exercise. A half-hour ride on one of the cheap hoverboards mentioned above. 

Of course, different kinds of hoverboards are going to have different effects on the number of calories that you burn per ride. Using a hoverboard with a powerful motor and solid rubber tires often yields the best results – the same can be said for S-shaped boards. 

Improved Focus & Concentration

While it might not look like hoverboards gain that much speed, they can actually travel as quick as 10 miles an hour when not in training mode. In order to travel that fast and still say safe, you have to have a certain level of concentration to keep yourself balance and upright – a cool feature of hoverboards is that they boost your concentration this way!

Naturally, the top speed of your specific hoverboard is going to depend on its battery level, motor power, maximum weight, and more, but most boards are able to travel 8 miles an hour regardless of motor power. The most expert riders have incredible senses of focus and concetration, due to their extensive practice balancing on hoverboards while traveling at top speeds.

Hoverboards get you outside!

Hoverboards don’t just have physical health benefits, but can benefit your mental health as well by encouraging you to go outside more often. Hoverboards were designed to be used outside, and a wide variety of models are water resistant and resistant to weather to provide them with durability when riding outside. 

Of course, you could absolutely ride your hoverboard around inside your home or apartment, but that’s going to get really boring, really quickly. Instead, for the most enjoyable experience, take your board to the park with your dog and ride around with them for a bit – your mental health will thank you for it.

The Final Verdict

100-200 dollars is enough money to get a good hoverboard nowadays. It pretty much goes without saying that you’ll get Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and an app to adjust various features. The charging times, battery life, and speed won’t be amazing, but they won’t be terrible either. 

If you’re shopping for a hoverboard for your kid, the TOMOLOO and SISIGAD are some of the best ones out there. The Hover-1 H1 is best if an adult also plans to ride.

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