The Cheapest and Best Hoverboard Chargers

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Like all electric devices, hoverboards and their various components sometimes die sudden, mysterious deaths. Fortunately, compared to other hoverboard problems, a broken or lost charger is super easy and relatively cheap to replace. All you have to do is make sure you order the right one.

But how to you know which hoverboard charger is the right one for your hoverboard? And how can you know which ones are crap, and which ones will actually work and last? That’s where this article comes in!

Below I’m going to introduce the three best hoverboard chargers available online today, and guide you through the process of selecting the right one. I’m also going to provide several tips related to charging hoverboards, hoverboard batteries, and more at the end of the article.

If you decide that getting a new charger for your old hoverboard isn’t worth the money, then considering upgrading to a new hoverboard. See my guides to the best hoverboards and best hoverboards for kids.

Which Hoverboard Charger Should I Get?

Halo Rover hoverboard UL Charger

Your Manufacturer’s Charger (Example: Halo)


hoverboard charger

StreetSaw: The Best

WYNESS: The Cheapest

To keep things nice and simple, I’m just recommending three hoverboard charger options for your here, and the choice you make should be quite clear. Here are your three choices, and why you might go with them:

  • Charger sold by the manufacturer of your hoverboard: Guaranteed to work, but not every manufacturer sells them
  • StreetSaw: The best and safest hoverboard charger, works on any hoverboard or money back, but most expensive
  • WYNESS: A cheap example, but less safe and not guaranteed to work on your hoverboard

If that still isn’t enough to help you decide, then keep on reading for more information about these three hoverboard charger options!

Best Hoverboard Charger: Your Manufacturer’s

One of the best hoverboard chargers, the Halo Rover & Halo Go 2 Charger

As I already mentioned above, if you can get a charger from the manufacturer of your hoverboard, that is the safest and best option. This way, there’s no change you’ll get the wrong one, and it will be optimally designed to work with your hoverboard. 

So, if you have a Halo Rover X, then buy this Halo charger. Simple as that! But the Halo charger only works for the Halo Rover, Halo Rover X, Halo Rover S, and Halo Go 2 hoverboards. If you don’t own one of these hoverboards, then don’t get this charger. 

For other popular brands, such as TOMOLOO, they don’t have chargers listed on their website, so you may have to contact them and see, or try options 2 or 3 below.


  • Guaranteed to work with your hoverboard
  • Tend to be high quality


  • Not always available
  • Usually not cheapest

The Best Charger for any Hoverboard: StreetSaw

Streetsaw: the best charger for hoverboards

StreetSaw, one of the biggest-name hoverboard brands out there, also makes an excellent, top-of-the-line hoverboard charger that works for almost every other hoverboard out there.

So if you have one of StreetSaw’s awesome hoverboards, of course go for this charger. But even if you have any other hoverboard, then I still highly recommend getting this charger. In fact, they even guarantee that the charge will fit your hoverboard, or you get your money back. Plus, it comes with a one year guarantee! You simply won’t find these perks with most other chargers.

So what makes this hoverboard charger so good? Well, besides the worry-free guarantee and warranty, this charger has multiple safety certifications, so it’s super safe. A lot of cheap hoverboard chargers are prone to overheating, and in some cases, even starting fires. That won’t happen with this one!

What’s more, this charger charges at 1.7 amps (most others are 1.2-1.5). This means it is more energy efficient. Last but not least, this hoverboard charger comes with different choices for plugs, which means if you’re in a region other than the US, you’ll be able to plug it in without using an adapter.

Are there any cons to this charger? Well, it’s quite heavy; there’s no denying that. But in this case, heavy means good. Most cheap, junky chargers are lighter, but that also usually means crappier.

It’s also worth noting that StreetSaw sells one such light, cheaper charger, but even they say that they highly recommend getting the better one, for the sake of safety.


  • Best charger out there
  • Super safe
  • Works on any hoverboard
  • Guaranteed to fit or money back
  • One year warranty
  • Trusted  brand


  • Heavy
  • Most expensive

The Cheapest Hoverboard Charger: WYNESS

While I don’t recommend getting any cheap charger for your hoverboard, I still wanted to include a budget-friendly option for people who have no other choice. That’s why I’ve put the Wyness charger in spot #3. 

Will this charger work for your hoverboard? Probably, but who knows. The product listing specifically states that it DOESN’T work for Razor hoverboards. But for most others, it should (but not guaranteed!) Spend some time reading the reviews for the Wyness charger before you buy it. You’ll see that for many hoverboard owners, it does the trick, while for others, it didn’t at all. Also take note of the product specifications (especially the diameter of the plug: 8mm). 

Like any other cheap hoverboard chargers you can find on Amazon, this one has highly mixed reviews, with many reporting that it gets very hot when charging. You’ll also find that it is lighter, but that is not necessarily a good thing.

For budget-minded people, also be sure to check out my articles on the cheapest hoverboards and hoverboards under $100.


  • Cheap
  • Lighter


  • No warranty or guarantee to work on your hoverboard
  • Lower quality
  • Gets very hot
  • Less safe

More Questions about Hoverboard Chargers

Here are a few other common questions about hoverboards answered.

How long does it take to fully charge a hoverboard?

Hoverboards can take anywhere from 1.5 to 6 hours to charge. The charging time varies according to several factors, such as:

  • How close to empty it was (remember: it’s not good to let the battery fully drain)
  • The quality of your hoverboard (cheaper ones tend to take longer, while pricier ones are faster).
  • How old the hoverboard battery is (battery life slowly decreases over time).

For more information, see my detailed guide to how long a hoverboard takes to charge.

​Should I charge my hoverboard to 100% every time?

​When you first get your brand new hoverboard, it is important to charge it to 100% before using it the first time. This will help set the stage for future charges. In fact, most hoverboards are completely charged after they are first manufactured, but some of that charge wears off in the time the board is stored, shipped, and waiting to be sold. 

For subsequent charges, it is not essential to charge your hoverboard to 100% every time. You won’t damage it by not doing so. Still, it only makes sense to charge it completely to get the longest ride you can out of it.

​Is it bad to overcharge a hoverboard?

​In this case, actually yes, it can be bad. Hoverboard’s aren’t like cellphones, which you can just leave charging overnight. Hoverboard chargers can get quite hot when charging, and this is especially true of cheaper ones.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended NOT to leave a hoverboard charging for long after it reaches 100%. In worst case scenarios, it could even cause a fire. So don’t leave your hoverboard charging overnight, and don’t leave it charging unattended. This is one of the reasons it’s a good idea to invest in a more expensive hoverboard that has a shorter charging time. 

​How do I know when the hoverboard is fully charged?

​On most hoverboard chargers, the little light will show red while it’s charging. Once that light turns green, the hoverboar is fully charged. Also remember to turn your hoverboard off while it is charging. 

How long does a hoverboard battery last?

Just like charging times, the battery life of hoverboards varies wildly. The cheapest hoverboards may only last 30 minutes on a full charge. Meanwhile, some of the best ones can last 3-4 hours. This will also depend on:

  • The brand/model/power of hoverboard
  • The age of the hoverboard battery
  • The weight of the rider (a heavier rider demands more battery power)
  • How fast you go
  • How well you’ve taken care of the battery

Some tips to extend your hoverboards battery life are not exceeding (or even getting too close to) the hoverboard’s maximum weight limit, never overcharging the battery, and never letting the battery fully drain.

​Do I need to fully drain my hoverboard battery before charging it?

​There are some conflicting opinions out there on whether or not you should fully drain your hoveboard battery every time, never, or once in a while. 

My research indicates that for the type of batteries in hoverboards (lithium ion), it is not necessary or good to fully drain them every time. In fact, it could even be dangerous to do so, as some hoverboard will even suddenly run out of power while you’re riding it, causing you to wipe out. Moreover, fully draining your hoverboard battery every time will reduce the battery’s overall life. 

This is why most hoverboards give you warning lights and/or sounds once your battery is getting close to empty. It’s a good idea to listen to these warnings, stop riding, and charge your hoverboard ​once the battery is close to empty.

The Final Verdict

Getting a new hoverboard charger luckily is not a very difficult or complicated thing. If you’ve already dedicated a lot of time to buying the right hoverboard, all you have to do is follow these simple steps in order to buy a replacement charger:

  • Get a replacement charger from the manufacturer of your hoverboard, if that is possible.
  • If there isn’t one, save yourself future troubles and get the StreetSaw charger​, arguable the best hoverboard charger out there.
  • If you really can’t afford the StreetSaw one, go for a cheaper one like the Wyness or StreetSaw’s cheaper one, but know that these come with risks.

Now, get your new hoverboard charger, and continue to enjoy your fun ride!

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