The 5 Best Electric Skateboards for Kids

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Learning to ride a skateboard is practically a rite of passage when you’re a kid growing up. When I was a kid, I spent countless days riding around and practicing ollies and 180s on the street in front of my house. On top of that, skateboarding is an excellent form of fitness for kids.

But kids nowadays were born and raised in the digital era, the result being that they are more intrigued by high technology and smart devices. That’s where electric skateboards for kids come in!

Electric skateboard manufacturers have embraced this trend, which means there are now many electric skateboards aimed specifically at young kids and pre-teens. Five is probably around the youngest age you’ll want to consider getting one for your kid, while some of the children’s skateboards I’m going to recommend below are intended for 8+.

In the end, the choice is up to you the parent; these products aren’t like hoverboards for kids, which require the rider to be a minimum weight in order to function properly. What you do want to watch for, though, is a board that is light, easy to carry, and doesn’t have too strong of a motor or go too fast (read more about how fast electric skateboards go).

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve done the homework for you already. The below kids’ electric skateboards meet those conditions. Also, all five of them are budget friendly, so many of them can also be found on my list of the best budget electric skateboards! Now, let’s get to it.

The 5 Best Electric Skateboards for Children

Here are my top five picks for the best electric boards for kids available on the market today. They are arranged from lowest to highest price at the time I write this (always subject to change!)

Click on the photos to see their current prices, or head to the following section to find out what’s special or unique about each one. After that, you’ll find detailed reviews for each one!

Comparison Chart

51nKuGv U1S. SL100
AODI Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard, 31” Complete Skateboards Canadian Maple Cruiser with Colorful Flashing Wheels/MicroSD Card for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners Adults
41UMipTD9QL. SL100
Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens with Kick-Assist, A.I. Smart Sensors, Move-More/Endless Mode, 9” Deck, Black, 72mm Wheels
51AsFw6vmNL. SL100
WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, 350W, Max 20KM/H 7 Layers Maple E-Skateboard, 3 Speed Adjustment for Adult, Teens, and Kids (Black)
41EVc+InWyL. SL100
Blitzart Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8″ Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)
41+4ASwdupL. SL100
Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote, E-Skateboard Max Speed 12.4 mph, Range 6-9 Miles, 350W Motor Eskateboard for Adults Teens (Upgraded Version)

What’s cool about each one?

OK, so these are all cool skateboards for kids, but here’s a quick summary of why each one is awesome in its own way.

  • AODI Bluetooth: Lights and music speakers, but not technically an electric skateboard
  • Swagtron Swagskate: Cheapest electric skateboard for kids, mini style
  • WOOKRAYS: Coolest look and more power
  • Blitzart Mini Flash: Best mini electric skateboard for young kids
  • Hiboy S11: Best all-around electric skateboard for kids and young teens

Kids’ Electric Skateboard Reviews

If you’re here for the details, then here are my full reviews of each of these five skateboards for kids. Hopefully this helps you decide exactly which one is best for your kid!

AODI Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard

51nKuGv U1S. SL500

Warning! The AODI Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard is not technically an electric skateboard. In other words, it doesn’t have a motor that helps the rider to go forward or stop using a handheld remote. 

Still, I include this skateboard because it does use electricity to power cool lights, and your kid can play music through its Bluetooth speakers!

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: varies
  • 31” long and 7.9” wide (qualifies as “mini”)
  • Skateboard weight: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
  • Weight limit: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Music and lights battery life: 3-5 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Micro SD and charging port
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Flashing lights on wheels
  • Material: wood

The Good

While Bluetooth speakers are pretty much a standard hoverboard feature nowadays, it’s far less common to see them on skateboards. The AODI Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard comes with exactly that: a built-in speaker. All you have to do is connect to it with your phone using Bluetooth, then you can blast some tunes, or you can play the pop tunes that come pre-loaded on the SD card.

As if that weren’t cool enough, the skateboard also comes with LED lights below the deck and on the wheels which automatically light up when you ride it. The cool spacey/lightning/deer antler design on the deck is the finishing touch on this super cool board aimed at young kids. 

Basically, this is a traditional skateboard with extra features, so it will appeal to kids who still want to ride a skateboard in the normal way, without assistance from a motor, but want the cool features of lights and music. Last but not least, users say that the board is easy to control and gives a smooth ride.

The Bad

The obvious downfall of the AODI Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard is that it is not what we would typically consider an “electric skateboard.” Usually electric skateboards have a motor to propel forward or to stop using a hand-held remote control. This skateboard does not have those features.

While this board may seem super cool for young kids, the coolness factor of flashing LED lights is likely to disappear for pre-teens and especially teenagers, whole will want a more grown up board that seems like less of a noisy and flashy toy.


  • Cheaper than actual electric skateboards
  • Bluetooth speakers to play music
  • Flashing LED lights
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to control
  • Similar size to regular skateboard
  • Cool design


  • No motor (not technically an “electric” skateboard)
  • No hand-held remote
  • Only young kids are likely to find it “cool”

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3

41UMipTD9QL. SL500

Now, getting to the first proper electric skateboard on this list, the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 is a super low-budget, mini-style electric skateboard, also designed for young kids. 

Swagtron is a popular, trusted name known for its e-bikes, hoverboards, electric scooters, and more. Let’s see what this super cheap electric skateboard for kids has to offer, but also what it lacks. You can also see here for my detailed Swagtron Swagskate NG3 review.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 9.3 MPH (15 km/hr)
  • 19.6” long and 8.85” wide
  • Skateboard weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
  • Weight limit: 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • 100W motor
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Range: 4-6 miles (6.5-10 km)
  • Polypropylene deck and wheels
  • US-based support

The Good

Besides the super low price, the Swagtron Swagskate was designed with children’s needs in mind. The low power 100W motor will make it easier for younger riders to control the skateboard and decrease the chance of crashing, and this board doesn’t go too fast. 

At only 19.6 inches long, this is consider an ultra mini skateboard, which is another way of saying that it is short and cute. Having said that, it’s deck design is undeniably awesome looking.

In terms of materials, the polypropylene deck is sturdy and doesn’t show much wear over time. It’s super light as far as electric skateboards go, which means younger kids will be able to carry it when necessary.

Last but not least, Swagtron is a famous brand name that you can trust, not to mention you get US-based support if anything goes wrong.

The Bad

If you want to buy one of the cheapest electric skateboards for kids on the market today (which this one is), you can’t have everything.

The Swagtron Swagskate is a super low budget board, so some sacrifices have been made. Most notably, this electric skateboard does not come with a handheld remote. Instead, the board detects when the rider gets on and automatically starts going forward. There is an art to it that kids seem to pick up with practice, but definitely it lacks the control abilities of most other electric skateboards.

Secondly, with such a weak motor, this board cannot handle going up inclines, nor can it handle heavier riders well. Finally, the battery life is quite short.


  • One of the cheapest electric skateboards
  • Super small and light
  • Cool looking design
  • Material doesn’t show wear easily


  • Difficult to control
  • No hand-held remote
  • Weak motor can’t handle inclines or heavier riders
  • Short battery life


51AsFw6vmNL. SL500

For older kids, pre-teens, or young teenagers, WOOKRAYS is a super cool electric skateboard offering more power. I personally love its design, with graffiti patterns on the deck and handsome maple wood below. For more information, you can see my detailed Wookrays skateboard review. Now, let’s take a closer look. 

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 12.4 MPH (20 km/hr)
  • 25.4” long and 6.8” wide
  • Skateboard weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
  • Weight limit: 176 lbs (80 kg)
  • 350W motor
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Range: 5 miles (8 km)
  • Maple deck
  • Three speed modes

The Good

The WOOKRAYS electric skateboard is definitely a a few steps up from the previous two entries. You get a hand-held remote for controlling speed and stopping (as you should for all electric skateboards), not to mention there are three different speed modes–perfect for new riders who want to start slow then work their way up. 

The motor of this skateboard is 3.5 times stronger than the Swagtron’s, at 350W, which means this skateboard can reach a higher speed of 12.4 miles per hour and handle riders up to 176 pounds. While it’s fine for kids (it’s recommended for age 8+), it’s especially good for pre-teens and teenagers who fall within the weight limit. 

While it’s not as short as the Swagtrong Swagskate, this electric skateboard is still in “mini” territory, at only 25 inches long (5 inches longer than the Swagton). This means its also light and easy to carry. It’s surely a super cool (and cute!) skateboard for both female and male riders. 

The Bad

The WOOKRAYS is still a low-budget electric skateboard, so if you’re shopping for a teen who has a thirst for adventure, you may want to consider something more advanced. Secondly, the battery life on this board is quite short, with a range of only 5 miles before needing to be charged again.


  • Super cool deck design
  • Cute mini style
  • OK speed and motor power
  • Three speed modes for greater control
  • Light and portable


  • Not suitable for very young kids or older teens (ideal for pre-teens)
  • Short battery life

Blitzart Mini Flash

41EVc+InWyL. SL500

While we’ve already covered two mini electric skateboards above (spots #1 and 2), the Blitzart Mini Flash is especially suitable for very young kids and pre-teens. Dig in deeper below to find more information about the product.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 6.2 MPH (10 km/hr in slow mode) and 12 MPH (20 km/hr in fast mode)
  • 28 Inches
  • Skateboard weight: 9 Lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 Pounds
  • 250W motor
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Range: 8 miles
  • 5-ply maple
  • Ships Fully Assembled And Ready To Ride

The Good

Just like the first electric skateboard we looked at on this list, the Blitzart Mini Flash comes in the super mini style. However, compared to that board, this one has slightly better features all around. So if you’re looking for a cheap mini electric skateboard that isn’t quite at the rock-bottom end of the range, this one will be for you. 

The Blitzart Mini Flash comes with all the cuteness you’d expect of a mini e-skateboard. It charges quickly, and can reach speeds of up to 12.4 miles per hour with its 250W motor. It also has a slower mode which is great for first-timers to get used to riding. Compared to the others so far, it has the best range, reaching up to 8 miles before needing a recharge, but some riders find that can’t get that far on it.

Finally, this skateboard comes with advanced control features, two speed modes for beginners and advanced riders. Hold brake function for getting on and off the board. Remote is rechargeable and comes with wrist strap.

The Bad

One strike against this board is that the remote control of this skateboard is too sensitive. One little squeeze on the accelerator button can cause it to take off, which it also brakes very fast. You’ll need to be careful with that, especially when first starting out.


  • Cute super mini style
  • Decent power and speed
  • Fast charging time
  • Long battery life
  • Light weight


  • Remote too sensitive
  • Accelerates and brakes too quickly

Hiboy S11

41+4ASwdupL. SL500

The Hiboy S11 is one of the most popular and top-rated electric skateboards for kids. It is very similar to a regular skateboard in size and suitable for all ages. Below you’ll find all the deets, or you can head over to my more detailed Hiboy S11 electric skateboard review.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 13 MPH (21 km/hr)
  • 30” long and 8.3” wide
  • Board weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Weight limit: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • 350W motor
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Range: 6.2 miles (10 km)
  • Wood and aluminum
  • Four speed modes

The Good

The Hiboy S11 is a popular electric skateboard among beginners of all ages. One reason people seem to like it a lot is that it is quite easy to control. Moreover, it comes with four different speed modes, allowing beginners to start easy and then built their way up to faster speeds as they improve.

Regarding its size, the Hiboy S11 is the closest to a traditional skateboard of all the electric boards in this article. So if you are used to riding a regular skateboard and want to transition to an electric one of a similar size, then this one is a great option.

Even though it’s larger than the mini boards, the Hiboy is still very light and easy to carry. It also comes with a decent motor (in between the Swagskate and WOOKRAYS in terms of power) allowing riders to reach a maximum of 13 MPH, which is actually the fastest of all the boards on this page.

The Bad

The battery life of the Hiboy is not great, with a range of only 6.2 miles. Because this board is a little bigger and faster, though, I wouldn’t recommend it for very young kids. Finally, I’m personally not a huge fan of the design. I wish it came in other patterns.


  • Easy to control for beginners
  • 4 speed modes
  • OK power and speed
  • Light weight
  • Similar size to traditional skateboard


  • Short battery life
  • Not ideal for very young kids
  • Not my favorite design

Other Questions About Electric Skateboards for Kids

Before I let you go, I’d also like to address some common questions about electric skateboards to help you make your purchase.

Are electric skateboards safe for kids?

Of course not parent wants to buy a product for a kid that will end up getting him or her hurt. But ask yourself this question first: are regular skateboards safe for kids? 

The honest answer is no. Skateboarders inevitably fall down. Riding on roads also comes with inherent dangers. Electric skateboards are no different, but they aren’t any less safe than regular skateboards, either.

Having said that, you can minimize the risk buy teaching your kid to ride safety, helping your kid to understand the controls before riding, riding in a safe place, supervising your kid, and most importantly of all, wearing full safety gear.

This brings us to the next question:

Do kids need to wear protection when riding an electric skateboard? 

No matter what your kids think or what they have seen in skating videos on the Internet, wearing protection while riding an electric skateboard is absolutely essential. It’s only a matter of time before your kids falls. Do you really want him or her to break a wrist, or worse? 

Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are the three essential pads that should be worn, while helmets protect the most important part of the body. See here for the best skateboarding wrist guards, including some choices for kids.

You don’t want your kid breaking the law, right? Then it’s important for you to be aware of electric skateboarding laws wherever you live. 

Unfortunately, however, electric skateboard laws are very much a gray area in most states and countries. The laws just haven’t caught up with the technology yet. In some states, they are legal but have clearly outlined restrictions. To find out the laws for electric skateboards where you live, I’ve written this article about whether skateboards are legal or not

Rest assured, though, that your kid is not going to get to thrown in the slammer for riding an electric skateboard. Riding safely and not disturbing other road users is the most important thing, and you’ll just want to be careful and aware of the local laws when riding in busy public places.

The Final Verdict

If you’ve already decided to buy an electric skateboard for your kid, well, congratulations! You’re child is going to love it. I hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision about which one is the best for your kids.

To summarize the article, the AODI and Swagtron Swagskate are fun and very cheap skateboards for young kids, but both come with notable faults. 

For older kids, WOOKRAYS is a solid choice, while Skatebolt is the best mini electric skateboard for kids. Finally, for an all-around solid electric skateboard for older kids, but the priciest one, go for the Hiboy.

Best of luck, and I hope your kid loves it!

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