The 5 Best Budget Electric Skateboards

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Electric skateboards are the fad of the future. Compared to traditional skateboards, these sleek and totally badass personal transportation devices come with advanced features that allow you to control your ride from a remote control in your hand.

However, this advanced technology comes at a price. These rides can easily cost one grand or more (yes, that’s in USD!)

But don’t give up on your dream of getting an electric skateboard just yet. Fortunately there are some super low budget electric skateboards that offer a surprisingly decent ride. Sure, you aren’t going to get the fastest ride (learn more about electric skateboard speeds here), most powerful motor, extreme durability, or the fancy materials of pricier boards. And for most of these skateboards, you’ll have to pay attention to the weight limits, as the cheapest electric skateboards are typically designed for kids or lighter teens.

Below, I’m going to introduce five of the best cheap skateboards available today. To decide what qualifies as cheap, I’ve stuck to the best electric skateboards under 200 dollars and best electric skateboards under 300 dollars. Sorry, it’s not going to be any cheaper than that!

The 5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

Now, let’s get down to it! Here are my five picks for the best but cheapest electric skateboards, based on my extensive research. Below the table, you’ll find a quick summary of what makes each of these budget e-skateboards worthy of the list, followed by detailed reviews of each one!

Comparison Chart

41UMipTD9QL. SL100
Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens with Kick-Assist, A.I. Smart Sensors, Move-More/Endless Mode, 9” Deck, Black, 72mm Wheels
51AsFw6vmNL. SL100
WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, 350W, Max 20KM/H 7 Layers Maple E-Skateboard, 3 Speed Adjustment for Adult, Teens, and Kids (Black)
41+4ASwdupL. SL100
Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote, E-Skateboard Max Speed 12.4 mph, Range 6-9 Miles, 350W Motor Eskateboard for Adults Teens (Upgraded Version)
41EVc+InWyL. SL100
Blitzart Mini Flash 28″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Hub-Motor 2.8″ Wheel E-Skateboard (Black)
41MZ2J4wQ3S. SL100
Youth Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Control 7 Layers Maple Waterproof E-Skateboard for Adult, 250W Moter, 12 MPH Top Speed, Max Load 220lbs (Black)

Why is each one the best?  

In a nutshell, each of these low-price electric skateboards belong to the following categories:

  • Swagtron Swagskate NG-3: Best very cheap electric skateboard for kids
  • WOOKRAYS: Best budget electric skateboard for teens
  • Hiboy S11: Best cheap electric skateboard for beginners
  • Blitzart Mini Flash: Best budget mini electric skateboard for young kids
  • Elifine Electric Longboard: Best cheap electric longboard and best one for adults or heavier riders

Low-Price Electric Skateboard Reviews

Now it’s time to get down to the detailed specs and find out exactly which of these super cheap electric skateboards is the right one for you!

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3

41UMipTD9QL. SL500

To begin this list, we’re starting with the absolute cheapest electric skateboard out there at the time that I write this (prices are subject to change, of course!) Just check out the Swagtron Swagskate Amazon page to see how much it costs today. This is a great choice is you’re looking for a super cheap electric skateboard for a young kid.

Swagtron is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to not only cheap electric skateboards but also cheap hoverboards. But will that low price come at a cost? Let’s find out! You can also learn more in my Swagtron NG3 review.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 9.3 MPH (15 km/hr)
  • 19.6” long and 8.85” wide (qualifies as “mini”)
  • Skateboard weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
  • Weight limit: 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • 100W motor
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Range: 4-6 miles (7-10 km)
  • Polypropylene deck and wheels
  • US-based support

The Good

To begin, Swagtron itself is one of the biggest names out there for electric scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards, and now, of course, electric skateboards, too! It’s never hurts to buy product from a trusted brand rather than one you’ve never heard of before. One of the benefits of this is that you get US-baseed support by email or telephone if you have any problems with the product.

The Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 is a super cheap mini electric skateboard designed for kids. You can push that up to 150 pounds, but definitely this board is designed for and will perform best for younger kids who are nowhere near the upper weight limit.

This skateboard is super light weight as far as electric skateboards go, making it easier for kids to carry around if necessary. The sides are also indented, making it easy to wrap your arm around for carrying.

Being made of polypropylene means the board is quite resistant to wear and tear and won’t easily show scratches. Last but not least, I think the board overall has a pretty wicked design. What cool kid wouldn’t want this? 

The Bad

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 is a super high quality electric skateboard that will last for ages. As the cheapest e-skateboard on this whole list and definitely one of the lowest price ones on the market today, you’ll need to set your expectations pretty low. 

First and foremost, this electric skateboard does not even come with a remote control, like most e-skateboards. The skateboard detects when you get on or off and starts going/stopping accordingly. At least that what it’s supposed to do. A lot of parents of users report that their kids struggle somewhat to get the hang of how to control it at first, and stopping isn’t as easy as it should be.

Second, with a super low power motor of only 100W, this e-skateboard can’t handle even the slightest of inclines, especially with heavier riders.

Last but not least, the speed maxes out at 9.3 MPH (this is actually more than enough for kids, though), and the range is a very short 4-6 miles.


  • Ultra cheap
  • Fast charging time
  • Cool look/design
  • Polypropylene material doesn’t show signs of wear
  • Trusted brand name


  • No remote control
  • Difficult to control and stop
  • Can’t handle inclines
  • Only good for young kids
  • Weak motor
  • Short battery life


51AsFw6vmNL. SL500

If it’s cool looks that your pre-teen or teenager cares most about, then look no further than the WOOKRAYS electric skateboard. In my opinion, this one has the coolest design, with graffiti designs on the deck and handsome maple wood below. You can also read my full WOOKRAYS electric skateboard review.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 12.4 MPH (20 km/hr)
  • 25.4” long and 6.8” wide
  • Skateboard weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
  • Weight limit: 176 lbs (80 kg)
  • 350W motor
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Range: 5 miles (8 km)
  • Maple deck
  • Three speed modes

The Good

For a little more money, you get quite a lot more from the WOOKRAYS electric skateboard compared to the previous entry. Like most electric skateboards out there, you get the much needed remote control for controling your speed, acceleration, and braking. 

The motor is 3.5 times stronger, at 350W, which means this skateboard can reach a higher speed of 12.4 miles per hour and handle riders up to 176 pounds. While kids can still use it (it’s recommended for age 8+), so can pre-teens and teens up to a certain weight.

Although not as tiny as the previous board, this electric skateboard is still in “mini” territory, at only 25 inches long. This means its also lighter and easy to carry. It’s definitely a super cool and cute board for either male or female riders. 

Finally, three speed modes are perfect for those just starting out and wanting to work their way up to higher speeds.

The Bad

The WOOKRAYS is still a very low-budget electric skateboard, and thus you can’t expect it to work wonders or last forever. It’s not as sturdy as pricier boards, unsurprisingly, and the battery life frankly kind of sucks, with a range of only 5 miles.


  • Super cool deck design
  • Cute mini style
  • OK speed and motor power
  • Three speed modes for greater control
  • Light and portable


  • Won’t last super long
  • Short battery life

Hiboy S11

41+4ASwdupL. SL500

The Hiboy S11 is one of the top-rated cheap electric skateboards available on Amazon right now and is especially suitable for beginners, whether they are kids, teens, or young adults. Let’s find out why users seem to love this skateboard so much! You can also check out my dedicated Hiboy S11 review here.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 13 MPH (21 km/hr)
  • 30” long and 8.3” wide
  • Skateboard weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Weight limit: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • 350W motor
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Range: 6.2 miles (10 km)
  • Wood and aluminum
  • Four speed modes

The Good

The Hiboy S11 is a favorite cheap electric skateboard among beginners of all ages. Probably this is because users report that it is quite easy to control. On top of that, you get four different speed modes to choose from, allowing beginners to start easy and then built their way up to faster speeds as they improve.

In terms of size, this electric skateboard is the closest to a regular skateboard of all the boards on this list. So if you are used to riding a regular skateboard and want to transition to an electric one of a similar size, then this would be a solid choice for you. 

Despite its larger size compared to the last two boards, this one is still very light and thus easy to carry. It also comes with a decent motor that will allow you to reach 13 MPH, which is nothing insane, but most people will find this more than fast enough.  

The Bad

The range of the Hiboy is still not great, at only 6.2 miles. Moreover, while some people seem to love this skateboard’s simple design, I personally find the appearance a little dated and I’m not a big fan of the deck’s design. I wish it came in other colors or patterns.


  • Easy to control for beginners
  • 4 speed modes
  • OK power and speed
  • Light weight
  • Similar size to traditional skateboard


  • Short battery life
  • Basic design/appearance

Blitzart Mini Flash

41EVc+InWyL. SL500

While we’ve already covered two mini electric skateboards above (spots #1 and 2), the Blitzart Mini Flash is especially suitable for very young kids and pre-teens. Dig in deeper below to find more information about the product.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 6.2 MPH (10 km/hr in slow mode) and 12 MPH (20 km/hr in fast mode)
  • 28 Inches
  • Skateboard weight: 9 Lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 Pounds
  • 250W motor
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Range: 8 miles
  • 5-ply maple
  • Ships Fully Assembled And Ready To Ride

The Good

Just like the first electric skateboard we looked at on this list, the Blitzart Mini Flash comes in the super mini style. However, compared to that board, this one has slightly better features all around. So if you’re looking for a cheap mini electric skateboard that isn’t quite at the rock-bottom end of the range, this one will be for you. 

The Blitzart Mini Flash comes with all the cuteness you’d expect of a mini e-skateboard. It charges quickly, and can reach speeds of up to 12.4 miles per hour with its 250W motor. It also has a slower mode which is great for first-timers to get used to riding. Compared to the others so far, it has the best range, reaching up to 8 miles before needing a recharge, but some riders find that can’t get that far on it.

Finally, this skateboard comes with advanced control features, two speed modes for beginners and advanced riders. Hold brake function for getting on and off the board. Remote is rechargeable and comes with wrist strap.

The Bad

One strike against this board is that the remote control of this skateboard is too sensitive. One little squeeze on the accelerator button can cause it to take off, which it also brakes very fast. You’ll need to be careful with that, especially when first starting out.


  • Cute super mini style
  • Decent power and speed
  • Fast charging time
  • Long battery life
  • Light weight


  • Remote too sensitive
  • Accelerates and brakes too quickly

Elifine Electric Longboard

41MZ2J4wQ3S. SL500

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include an option for a cheap electric longboard. While longboards tend to be more expensive (they require more materials, and because they are heavier, they need stronger motors).

The Elifine Electric Longboard is nicely priced in the low-budget range. Let’s see how it fares.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum speed: 12 MPH (19 km/hr)
  • 35.4” long and 8” wide
  • Skateboard weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • 250W motor
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Range: 6 miles (10 km)
  • Two speed modes

The Good

To start with the obvious, the Elifine Electric Longboard is one of the cheapest electric long boards out there, so that alone is the main reason it makes this list. However, upon closer inspection of the specs, the board holds up well in other areas too. 

With a weight limit of up to 220 pounds, this is the only electric skateboard on my list that can handle heavier riders. It charges in a reasonable amount of time and can reach a decent 12 MPH thanks to its 250W motor.

Finally, the hole in the deck allows for easier carrying of this electric longboard.

The Bad

If you decide to go for an electric longboard, you have to come to term with the fact that its going to be heavier and thus less easy to carry around. The Elifine Electric Longboard is no exception. 

The battery life on this board isn’t great. On top of that, the board design is very simple all black. Some may like that, but others may find it boring.


  • One of few low-budget electric long boards
  • Hole in deck for ease of carrying
  • Overall decent specs
  • Can handle heavier riders


  • Heavier
  • Short battery life
  • Basic look with no colors or patterns

Other Electric Skateboard Questions

Before I let you go, I’d also like to address some common questions about electric skateboards to help you make your purchase.

One of the hottest topics related to electric skateboards is whether they are legal to ride or not. There’s no simple answer here as the laws for riding electric skateboards vary from state to state. 

In most states, electric skateboards are still in a gray area, waiting for laws to catch up to the new technology. In a few states, they are legal but come with some clearly outlined restrictions. To find out the laws for electric skateboards in various states, see my detailed guide to electric skateboard laws.  

Do I need to wear protection when riding an electric skateboard? 

No matter what you’ve seen in skateboarding videos online, wearing protection while riding an electric skateboard is simply the smartest thing to do. Just like with regular skateboards, wipe-outs are practically inevitable. Do you really want to break you wrist or worse? 

Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are the most useful, while helmets are also essential. See here for my top recommended wrist guards for skateboarding.

Where can I find the cheapest electric skateboard?

We all want a good deal, right? Still, an electric skateboard is one item you might not want to totally cheap out on. You are literally entrusting your life with this thing. Cheaper electric skateboards can sometimes be harder to control, so this is something you should really take into consideration. 

This is why I don’t personally recommended buying second-hand electric skateboards or ones from brands or websites you’ve never heard of, even though you can save a few bucks.

I tend to do shopping for this type of item on Amazon, where you can read many reviews from verified buyers. You can also use the search function to find the cheapest electric skateboard to meet your needs. Start searching for budget electric skateboards here on Amazon!

The Final Verdict

To summarize what I’ve covered above, the decision of which cheap electric e-skateboard to buy depends on a few factors. First, who is the rider (and how big is he/she). Second, what kind of electric skateboard do you want to ride? 

For very young kids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Go for the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 instead of throwing a ton of money on a product that you’re not even you sure your kid will like. 

For older kids, pre-teens, and teens, I think the WOOKRAYS or Hiboy S11 are the best choices. The best cheap mini electric skateboard is the Blitzart Mini Flash, while the Elifine Electric Longboard is as good as it gets if you want a very cheap electric longboard or one for heavier riders. 

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