6 Hoverboard Features That Result in Awesomeness

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Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are quickly becoming the “it” mode of transportation. Thanks to their inherent awesomeness, hoverboards soon went from a fantasy that you’d see on an episode of The Jetsons or Back to the Future to an attainable way to get around town.

Not only are hoverboards cool because of the innovation they’ve brought to the transportation game, but many hoverboards are equipped with some really impressive features that really change the rider’s experience.

When you’re browsing the best hoverboards keep an eye out for these 6 game-changing features!

To learn more about these amazing devices and all their features come together, see this article covering how a hoverboard works.


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One of the biggest learning curves to jumping on a hoverboard comes with learning how to maintain your balance. There are many viral videos that depict an unsuspecting soul hopping right onto a hoverboard without fear, only to wipe out.

Thankfully, hoverboard technology has evolved to a point where this is becoming less and less likely to happen. Self-balancing hoverboards are programmed to keep you on the board, even when you’re brand new at riding. This is a great feature for kids or newbies of any change when learning to ride.

Look for keywords like self-balancing control system in product descriptions, such as you see here.

LCD Display

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Hoverboards typically run on battery power, so it can be a pain to hop on your board only to realize that it’s not charged up. Even the most diligent of riders can forget to plug in their board after a long ride, leaving them out of luck the next time they try using the board.

Thankfully, there most new models of hoverboards come equipped with an LCD screen that displays varying amounts of information, most commonly the remaining battery life.

Some hoverboard LCD screens showing other things like outdoor temperature, time, speed, or status of your board.

Bluetooth Connection & Speakers

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If you like to be the life of the party, then boards with bluetooth connectivity and speakers are for you. The speakers can be hooked up to your smartphone or computer via a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to jam out to your favorite tunes wherever you go.

This is definitely one of the hottest and most desired hoverboard features nowadays.

LED Lights

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Since you’re now playing tunes while you ride, why not transform your hoverboard into its own little mobile night club, complete with LED lights. This lights can come in various colors, and they may project from the board itself or spin with the wheels. With boards like this one, you can even control the lights using the app it comes with.

Simple lights on the front are also a useful feature for anyone who plans to do any riding at night.

Hoverboard apps

Get with the times, my friend! What hoverboard nowadays doesn’t come with its own app? This feature allows you to control things like your hoverboard’s lights, music through the speakers, steering power, and so on.

You can also check important things like mileage, routes, battery life, hoverboard temperature and more.

All-Terrain Compatibility

Another great feature to look out for in your next hoverboard is the capability for the board to handle all terrains. No matter if you’re on grass, concrete, asphalt, sand, soil or in any other environment, you’re going to want your board to go where you go. Here are my top recommended off road hoverboards.

If you want this feature, keep an eye out for product descriptions mentioning things like “all terrain” or “off roading”. Not only will this board allow you to go more places, but you’ll also be dealing with a safer ride. The downside is that all-terrain capability requires a bigger motor, larger board, and thus these boards tend to be quite a bit more expensive.

As a general rule, larger wheels are also more likely to allow for off-roading capabilities. Most off-road hoverboards have 8.5″ wheels (as opposed to the usual 6.5″), and some even have the largest size, 10″.

Final Thoughts on Hoverboard Features

Hoverboards have come a long way in just a few short years. What were once revolutionary features like self balancing technology and bluetooth speakers are now practically standard. Still, it’s good to know what these features are and which ones are most important to you when buying your next hoverboard!

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